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      Hi Rachael,
      You do seem to be having a hard time with it. I am past most of that now but I can remember exactly what it was like. Once you get stabilized I’m sure you will feel more normal. My eyes were at their worst before I started on the elthyroxine and then the fluid retention and morning puffyness went away. I don’t feel as well as I know I could so I think I have to see an endocrinologist. I read most of the messages you posted and I see that despite everything you still have a great sense of humor. Good sign! Sorry to read about the problems with your doctors and having to wait at the hospital. Hope your new one works out. At least you are keeping on top of it. I didn’t know anything about about what was happening to me when I went through it. After I had the operation and radioactive iodine when I was 16 I didn’t have anything else done until I was 23 and I went to a doctor because I was feeling so miserable. He took one look at me and told me my thyroid was severly underactive. He put me on elthyroxine and I’ve been on it ever since. I have decided to see what can be done about my eyes. I always thought that decompression surgury was very rare, but from reading the board I see that it is done quite often in the U.S. I live near Toronto in Canada so I guess I should be able to have it done here. I get double vision when my eyes are tired and I have very bad dryness in my left eye. My left eye is also more poppy that my right. I’ve had these poppy eyes for about 25 years or more and I’ve noticed something that you may notice eventually too. When someone sees me for the first time their eyes automatically widen when they see mine. It is a reflex action on their part. I have also noticed that when I am talking to some people they unconsciously try to stop themselves from making their eyes wider. The first time I noticed it when I was much younger it bothered me but now I sorta get a kick out of it- body language at it’s best.
      Stay in touch and I hope you soon feel better,

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