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      Dear SAS,
      It was really great getting a response to my post so quickly. I do want to preface anything I might say with – my eyes were affected an a very extreme manner. Usually, one strabismus surgery is all that is necessary, but I became the exception to alot of “the rules”. After my decompressions, my left eye was pointed inward and downward toward the bottom of my nose, with only the upper quarter showing. My right eye on the other hand, was pointing upward. Double vision – I guess. I said to my husband during the holiday season that we could decorate another entire Christmas tree with all my extra lenses and prisms. Anyway, on with the saga – I had my first strabismus surgery and things improved alot – especially cosmetically, but the double vision, although much improved, was still quite evident and dibilitating. I not only saw double, but one of the images was at an extreme angle with reference to the one which I thought was straight. Anyway, after many tests and measurements and a bit of waiting, my
      doctor did alot of research, as he had not dealt with this particular problem before, he read alot of journals, went to a national convention and discussed my case and also went on the internet. It was there that he got the information he needed to proceed. He was in touch with a doctor who had written a paper about my particular condition. After much discussion and homework on his part, we did the surgery and he reduced the 23 degree angle to 7 degrees. My brain has now been trying to adjust for several months now, but cannot get it, apparently. Anyway, so my surgeon discussed this with many colleagues on the internet and they came up with a good, responsible approach upon which they all agree. So, he is willing to do this surgery – and they are all waiting for the outcome.
      Now, all of these surgeries have been on both eyes and they have been very different from each other. The first one, though, was done in the hospital with me asleep – out patient. The surgery itself was about two and a half hours, during which they attached “strings” (for the lack of a better word) to the muscles involved. I had to stay for several hours, without any major pain medication because the drugs affect the pupils, then they came in and fine tuned the muscles with my input. I can’t say in all honesty that it was any fun – but I survived and it was well worth it. I wish I had had someone to ask. The second surgery was again outpatient, took about three hours with me asleep. I can’t guarantee your surgery will require the same procedure, but remember no matter what, IT IS WORTH IT! I have to remind myself of that quite often. My eyes were very red, sore and puffy for about three weeks, but things improve daily! Continue to hang in there and count your blessings! Write back and let me know if any of this has helped. You will find I will be truthful because I wish I had known alot more before I went into the operating room. If you feel good about your doctor, have trust in him! I certainly have trusted in mine and both of my eye surgeons have stuck by me through thick and thin and won’t give up. In that sense, I feel very lucky. Good luck and you will continue to be in my prayers! Jules

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