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      Hi Jules – Isn’t this eye thing a long and involved “pain”! I read in your post that you are having your third strabismus surgery in Feb. Well I am scheduled for my first in early March. I had decompression on Dec. 10. I would really appreciate some information on the strabismus surgery. I know each doctor has their own methods and recovery and results can be different as well but with the decompression it sure helped to hear from others who had gone through it.

      I had eyelid surgery on one eye about ten years ago before I went into an eight year remission. I will also be having eyelid surgery on the other eye after the Strabismus surgery is over. I’m glad you are hanging in there – so am I. On down days I just try to remember that I do have a LOT to be grateful for. (Right now I am grateful that my husband is in the kitchen making a wonderful stew for dinner and to freeze – chopping and peeling vegtables with double vision just does not work. He is such a great support.)

      Wishing you the best and know you will be in my prayers on 11 Feb.

      Thanks, SAS

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        Hi Jules, thanks for your reply. I didn’t get to the BB yesterday. Are you the same Jules that was at the conference this past summer?

        My muscle surgery is scheduled for early March. I don’t have a date yet. I was told it will be day surgery and after about four hours when I wake up from the anaesthetic that my doctor will be doing some tests on the double vision before I go home. I too have one eye that points inward that is supposed to be corrected during the surgery.

        Yes, I do have confidence in my doctor. He is supposed to be one of the best. You don’t show an e-mail address and I can’t mention him on the BB but I’m sure your doctor will have heard of him. He has written some books and a lot of his patients are from out of town. When I go for my appointments I can tell the other patients in the waiting room have Graves Eye Disease. My Endo works together with him. I feel very lucky that the clinic is about 15 minutes from where I live.

        Of course I am not looking forward to my next surgery. I am a real baby when it comes to hospitals and needles etc. but I also know I will get through it.

        Keep in touch and again know my prayers will be with you on Feb. 11. SAS

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          I am doing very well and having very little ddvision, following 3 strabismus surgeries, but also injections of botulinum toxin. The surgeries seemed to bring my eyes closer together and to significantly decrease the diopters, but not completely. The botulinum toxin (bo-tox) seemed to make the difference, tho at the time I was not so sure.
          At Colorado Springs, for the NGDF convention I had significant ddvision (August). I had an injection of botulinum toxin in July but it did not take until around Labor Day. But since then I have been doing much, much better.
          I have mixed feelings about surgery and about the bo-tox, but at last I am getting some relief.
          Good luck with yours.

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            I also had botox injection into my eye muscles due to much discomfort from their being constricted.
            It was hard to drive, or even look people in the eyes. The botox gave me double vision for about three
            months, but then it subsided, and now I have much more eye movement. My opthalmologist believes that
            it worked because we caught the problem early enough. I have a friend who had severe strabismus from Graves’
            (oddly enough, she has no thyroid symptoms, yet), who has had a half dozen botox injections. That gave her
            some improvement, but she eventually had to have muscle surgery anyway. Same doctor for both of us.

            Worst part of the whole thing for me was that the anesthetic didn’t work for me. Doc had to keep adding to
            it, until my eyes were burning. Somehow he got the injections in (with my husband holding me down). He
            promises that if I need to repeat the procedure, they’ll put me under a general anesthetic.

            Good luck to you, David. Where did you have the botox procedure?

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