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      Hi, fellow Graves Warriors…..

      Everyone seems to be doing a really good job of answering the survey.

      Please feel free to ask me questions or express concerns regarding this
      project. Some of the questions I hear are: How will I maintain
      confidentiality? I pair your name with a number and when the info is
      shared, for example on the NGDF home page, only the number will appear,
      not your name. There are already 83 participants. The info is in an
      excell program, so we will be able to make different calculations on it.
      For example, what state has the most cases represented? Thus far it
      looks like Pennsylvania. Another example would be Average age at onset.
      The treatment qustions will be most interesting.
      I hope you will keep in touch if you change e-mail. But again, that info
      will be held confidentially. I keep the original info you send me,
      compiled as I receive it, so thaT I can check my own accuracy.

      The survey questions are available at

      Some of it is as easy as a yes or no button to push, thanks to Annette
      and Archie. The survey is immediately forwarded to me. Or if you prefer I can e-mail the questions to you at your request.
      I was so amazed at the wealth of info that you all
      have and share here on this board, I had to try to compile some of it.
      I am doing this as a volunteer contribution to NGDF, for you and
      future folks who face these peculiar troubles. Any questions I haven’t
      addressed, please ask me on the BB or feel free to E-mail me.

      I try to remember to put the address up every day,for new people
      passing through who have their treatment behind them can then share
      their info with us. I have taken the liberty of e-mailing many of you, based on
      old posts I have read and many of you have gratified my efforts with
      a response. My apologies to any who have been approached twice or would
      have prefered to have not been asked. I hope the survey will prove
      useful and your participation in the vulnerable act of recounting your
      experience will not be in vain. Jeannette

        Post count: 93172

        It’s interesting that you have found most of the people from PA. I myself can’t believe how many people have thyroid problems. One doctor in the are thinks it could be related to 3 mile island. Would you have any comparason on say 50 years ago versus todays cases?

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