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      Hi Amanda,
      I am sorry it took so long to get a diagnoses from your doctor, but it does sound like you are on the road to mending. As for the eyes, light sensitivity and twitching can be part of the graves disease. We at NGDF recommend a baseline eye exam done by an opthamologist who specializes or is at least familiar with graves opthamology. We also recommend a yearly check thereafter. It can make a big difference in treatments, etc, should you have or develop the eye opthamology. I wish you well with whatever road to treatment you may choose. If we can help in anyway, please feel free to e-mail jake or myself. We are able to get our hands on referrals for doctors, through Doctor Nancy and several other doctors we know personally.
      Most people get their treatment, get on their meds and go on to live a pretty normal existence. Only a small percentage ever experience larger problems associated with this disease (why did it’s discoverer have to have the last name of Graves?).
      Reading this BB may make it seem like it is some God awful thing to have(and for some, it is), but let me assure you, most get well.
      So, keep reading, posting and investigating about this disease and let us know what you need!

      Regards and a hug,

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