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      I saw in USA today a good article today on the Disability issue. (ADA)To read it go to:
      Then go into the Money section. It is a hightlight story on that page in the right corner. click on it and you are in.

      It discusses what we were asking here.


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        I read the ADA article. Wow! It sure did clear up a lot of the
        questions I had. Just because I think something should be a
        disability doesn’t mean it is. Sounds like everything is covered
        until the courts decide it isn’t. I am glad that I am not in a
        wheelchair, blind or deaf. I guess one of my bad days isn’t that
        bad after all.

        Michele B.

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          Hi Michele and others

          Is it possible for you to summarize that article on ADA?? Just curious about what it says for various disabilities?? Thanks. Many people with disabilities do not FEEL disabled UNLESS when they face obstacles like steps to a building, no restaurant menu in braille or no voice in elevators (to inform which floor), or no captions on TV or sign language interpreters in meetings. Many people take things for granted and organize programs or conferences overlooking accessibility needs for people with disabilies. Because of my work with pople with disablities (in the past), I am acutely conscious of little things like that. It made me wonder if the Graves conference was fully accessible for any Graves warrior with disabilities?? Was it accessible??? Will it be next year?? Any warrior should inform Dr Patterson of their accessibility needs to fully participate and enjoy the conference next year… Just a few seeds to plant…

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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