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      My story is different. I din’t have a problem pre-PTU, but when I was diagnosed with GD, BOy, did my dental bill go sky high!

      Here’s what one dentist said: I had Radiation dental caries. I also talked to my doctor (endo) about the PTU, RAI and dental caries and he said he hadn’t seen a case since the mid 50’s!
      Yes, it can happen to you…
      On the epi problem, my doctor had the same thing happen to him.. He was trying to do some work when WHAM I can feel everything. Oh sure, he said a couple of times (he was mad about something)
      to GO SEE ANOTHER DENTIST because I was such a problem person.

      You want more info, e-mail me.

      P.S. This product called Gel/Kam I think, has extra flouride in it. I was to use this stuff. It works sometimes, but there’s also stuff OTC (Over the counter)
      that’s good too.

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        My dentist back in Hawaii was a dimwad.
        he scraped the crap out of my teeth and caused more damage!
        i havent had RAI yet but they say it gets worse afterwards.
        im glad i have something to look forward to now:)
        im praying for novicane right now. you wouldnt believe the pain i go through with just drinking a glass of water.
        its like someone stabbing my mouth with a knife. oh fun fun fun!
        i guess its just another bridge to pass over.
        thanks for all of your help!!!!!!

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          I don’t know if RAI affects the teeth or not. My dentist never
          indicated anything to me that would tell me if it does.

          I do know that I have to get a cleaning every 6 months. I’d rather
          get a filling! A dental hygienist does my cleanings. I remember the
          first time I met him I was hyper at that time, so I told the guy why
          I was so shaky, he responded “sort of like having to much coffee huh?”

          Shannon. :-)

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            Hi, In response to teeth probs… I haven’t had RAI but I sure had some
            teeth and gum probs, pre- graves diagnosis.

            And, as Bobbi says, sometimes at the Dentist they couldn’t get me numb. ( Twice I was sent home after multiple shots with no work done.)
            In addition to that, I seemed to have a bad (heart racing and palps) reaction
            epinephrine (the adrenyl hormone in the novacaine). By the time I had
            full blown GD symptoms, I had long ago stopped getting any epinephrine at the dentist.
            Enough people have mentioned these type of problems that I wonder if
            dentists knew about this pre gd symptom “symptom” possibility, they
            could be early detectors of people who need to be checked out for
            graves disease. I sure wouldn’t have minded being diagnosed sooner.

            Any body else have these problems?? what does your dentist say?


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              I noticed that I have had more dental problems as well after RAI. I used to never need any dental work done except for the cleaning, (anyway for the last 15 years), but since RAI, I’ve needed 2 root canals, to crowns and a filling. Also, they had trouble getting me numbed. In the middle of the root canal, the dentist asked me if I wanted to go to a specialist or have him continue. Liking dentists so well, I chose to tough it out, bent a metal suction pipe that he gave me to hold onto and had him proceed. Never again! I told him next time we were just pulling them out. Also, I noticed that I get canker sores or irritated places in my mouth much more often than I ever used to. It seems like they take longer to heal too. Don’t know if it’s related. Becky

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                Had RAI a week ago; went in for my 6 month cleaning yesterday and my
                gums bled quite a bit which is unusual for me. My dentist who I feel
                seem to be quite “with it” didn’t seem to think that RAI had any
                correlation with teeth or future problems with teeth. Said that the
                meds I’m on otherwise probably caused some gingivitis. Who knows??!

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                  I’m not an RAI recipient, but just before I was diagnosed hyper, I
                  had a root canal. I’d had three previously with no problems. I couldn’t
                  get numb. The nurses were complaining saying I couldn’t have any more.
                  Fortunately the doctor tried a different brand of novacaine that worked for
                  a little bit. It still took about 3 hours at the dentist to have part
                  one of a root canal. I was diagnosed hyper before I went back, but at the
                  time I didn’t know that’s why I had trouble getting numb.


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