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      I have had a lot of ups and down since 1995 when my son was born. My thyroid went haywire at this point but I was not diagnosed with Grave’s disease. Instead they said I had Postpartum Thyroiditis and it should resolve within a few months. It did return to normal however all the hyper symptoms stuck around for years and I kept having my levels checked thinking it was still messed up. I just could not sleep for days at a time. I then went to sleep clinics and neurologists and two other Endo’s. In 1999 I noticed these symptoms became much more severe and went to my Endo. who discovered after an uptake I had developed Grave’s disease. He put me on Tapazole but it made my skin go nuts and the rash would not leave. He told me since my thyroid had given me problems back in 1995 it would probably be best to have RAI but this scared me with all the nasty things I had read people seem to go through so I opted for PTU. Unfortunately I became pregnant inbetween trying these treatments which sent me reeling into hyperthroidism. It was just the worst timing but my son finally got a sister after a six year long wait. He was so happy. They put me on large doses of PTU and told me after her birth at some point I would need RAI. After traveling to Houston Medical Center and hearing the same thing, I decided I would get it over with but not until my daughter was a little older. So here I am three and a half years later! I have not ever been on the small amount of PTU you are on. The lowest dose I have taken is three pills or 150 mg of PTU. I am steady on that dose right now. I have had changes in my meds a few times and have gone to hypo. which was not fun. It is such a pain waiting for the change in doses to take affect and make me feel better. It takes 4-6 weeks before the change in meds starts to work. This is such a long time. Right now everything seems good but for how long? I just never know what my gland is up to. My thyroid problems go back 9 years and I have tired of the constant changes. I loose a lot of hair every time my meds. are in need of changing. For six months my hair kept falling out all over. I have the strangest sleeping problem even with my levels supposedly normal. It all has gotten so old and I am hoping by ending my thyroid I might end some of my sleep problems. I also need other surgery and the doctors feel it would be much better to get this taken care of so as not to throw me into thyroid storm as a result of the stress of major surgery. I know this is long but my decision has taken me years to come to grips with. I think I have thought and read too much. I am scared that the RAI might make a mess out of my eyes and make my insomnia worse but I have just decided I must get rid of one problem before I can move onto the next. I debate still on surgery and even with the RAI scheduled I am questioning whether I am making a mistake. Surgery seems to end the suffering sooner. Am I right? I don’t know. It seems like your thyroid is extremely sensitive to the meds. Hopefully a facilitator can comment on this.

      I hope I have helped you in some way. I decided after typing you this a couple of times that you need what lies behind my choice. It may not be the right one for you.

      My Best

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