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      Morning Sue,
      Sounds like you been going through a really rough time of it. If you e-mail Jake or myself we can most likely get you some help and relief from the suffering you been going through. Please include where you live(area). We have ways of getting people the help they need.
      As for your eye falling out of socket, Jake had that happen many times!
      What concerns me is your lack of medical care with this issue and the graves. Graves is a disease that must be treated. Please, please e-mail me. That eye has to be seen to. Jake has had 12 eye surgeries in 3 years, so I can tell you what you need to know(only other person we know who has had more is our director, Dr. Patterson).
      Looking forward to hearing from you and Hang in there!

      Regards and a hug,

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        I tried emailing you.. and it didnt work :(
        I live in Texas.. Dallas to be exact.
        Big place I know but me and my boyfriend recently moved here and we arent sure of whats here..and where to go.
        I am also scared of driving, so I’m limited as to how far I can go.
        Last night was hard.. I thought I would be okay.. but everything replayed.
        My boyfriend made a cute little blindfold for me.. I think it helped me mentally to accept that my eyes wont fall out.
        It’s a scarey feeling.
        I need all the help I can get.
        Thank you

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          Hi, Sue, I read your posts, and saw that you are in Dallas…..I live in Arlington, so thought I’d say hi. I was diagnosed with Graves in October ’97 so I’m coming up on my one year anniversary. I’ve had 2 RAI treatments, the last one on August 31. Have an appt. with my endo on Oct 1. Hope this one does the trick, they gave me 20 mc’s this time which is double the dose I got the first time back in March.

          I have the eye problems, too, though not nearly as bad as it sounds like you’re having to deal with. That’s really rough not having any insurance. My eyes got much worse after my first RAI, too soon to tell with this one. The worst part of this disease is that the docs can’t tell you what is going to happen since there is so much variance in symptoms.

          Hang in there, and email me if you’d like.


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            I was recently diaganosed with Graves 1/04 and had been diagnosed with Hyperthroidism 2 yrs ago, but didnt associate the two until the Dr. asked me how I was doing with my “graves..”

            Anyways.. I didnt think I had any eye symptoms but let me ask you guys this.. every once in a while I have difficulty focusing on the Computer screen and need to look away for awhile to get back into focus. I thought this was related to my corrcective eye surgery I had 10 + years ago. Could it be Graves related??

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              The safest thing to do if you have a question about what is going on with your eyes is to make an appointment to see an opthamologist. We can tell you that symptom X or Y can be associated with the eye disease, and it would be true, but that symptom might also be associated with something else that is not the eye disease, (like fatigue) and you would be worried unnecessarily. An eye doc can give you better information

              Bobbi — NGDF Online Facilitator

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