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    Well the question of the day is when wlll the puffy eyes go away. Answer of
    the day is!.. The puffyness seems to come on at the start of the eye involvement.
    It is when the eye muscles are being attacked and the bodies natural response
    is to increase blood flow to the area under attack. The muscles around the eye
    are beginning to swell and pushing out the eyes (proptosis). The fatty tissue
    behind the eye becomes compressed and fat and liquid begin to build up in the
    tissue around the eyes. It is at this point when most doctors begin to notice
    that you are probably beginning to show signs of GD. Once you get on meds and
    start to get stabelized the puffyness starts to go away. This is when you will
    notice that you can see the whites of the eyes above and/or below the iris.
    This is when the exposure problem normally comes into play in a big way. Use
    eye drops, lube at night and find a GOOD eye doctor who knows about Graves eye
    disease. Don’t be afraid to ask how many Graves patiants they see. Hope this helps
    and talk to you all latter.


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