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      Dear Kay,

      You can post to me on the bulletin board or email me directly at Your eyes sound worse than mine, but it might just be reflecting a more proactive approach now than there was 16 years ago.


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        Thanks for your comments, I’ve wanted to talk to someone that has been
        on PTU for some time and then had RAI. I have already stopped seeing
        one doctor because he thought I needed to see a minister or psychiatrist
        once I developed painful upward eye movements! My new doctor talks about
        keeping me on PTU until next November and then making a decision about
        RAI – that’s why I used the word “willing”. If I’m not satisfied at that
        time with her reasons for RAI, I’ll get another opinion. I have toyed
        with the idea of going to Johns Hopkins in Baltimore. Anyway, I am
        interested in finding out more about your reaction to RAI and your eyes.
        I’m getting fitted for soft contact lens to protect the corneas from
        drying and to help me see distance until its time for fatty decompression
        surgery. But my thyroid activity will influence my eye problems and I am
        aware that RAI can affect the eyes.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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