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      Hi, Well I finally had my follow-up to radiation treatments today. Seven weeks since I had the treatments. The swelling IS going down and my eye surgeon says he feels the disease is slowing down and stopping. He does not like to do any surgery for six months after treatments tho to make sure all is stabilized. I don’t have to go again until August (unless I feel things are getting worse). In August he will discuss three operations. Decompression, the surgery for correcting my terrible double vision and eyelid surgery. My Endo is part of the same clinic and I see them one after the other. My Endo said my levels are at the high end of normal. Suggested leaving for the time being. My low energy level is normal for all the problems I am experiencing with my eyes. He also said that the Prednisone I was on certainly would zap my energy.

      I have to use drops for my eyes and ointment before going to bed, taping a saran wrap cover over my eye while sleeping. He said that would keep in the moisture and I shouldn’t experience as much weeping and tearing. Looks like it is a waiting game for the next few months.

      I feel much better knowing the whys and that things ARE on the mend. I just have to relax and not feel so guilty that at the moment I can’t accomplish as much as I used to, I am still sick BUT I will get better.

      Wishing everyone a great Wednesday with lots of laughs. SAS

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