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      Thanks, Michele!

      I haven’t figured how to do the chat yet. I signed up a long time ago
      then didn’t ever actually get there. I’d love to participate.

      You can e-mail me now. I’ve looked at Debbie Jass’s page. It is great.

      I seem to have more eye muscle pain than dry eye pain now. But the
      sensitivity to light is awful, and it’s not even summer right now.
      I actually sat through a meeting in a beautiful board room at work
      with my very dark glasses on because the sun coming through the window
      was too bright. I wonder what people thought!

      I am concerned about having my eyelids come out even. It’s great to
      hear that yours did. My doc talks about how they can go back and even
      them out after surgery. I’d also like to have the little pads of fat
      under my eyes removed, and the doc says he would do that at the same time.
      I know I’m probably just being vain, because other people have these
      pads naturally. But, I know I didn’t have them before, and I don’t
      like them. With the proptosis, I sometimes think I look like a frog!

      Okay, enough whining for one evening. I’m actually very happy that I’m
      in much less pain than when this eye problems was at its worst.

      I look forward to hearing from you.

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