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      Dear Ellie, and BB { ALL}
      As I wrote you before, I look forward to you EVERY DAY!, I personally
      can NOT believe anyone COULD be bothered by ANY of your thoughts for the day! So Please DON”T STOP!
      I was on a couple nites ago and read a posting that I { a Christian, church going , read the bible and believe, & try to walk like I talk…..sort of to speak… Person } would NEVER POST A RANT & RAVE, Cram it down someones throat !!!! GOD ThIS GOD THAT!!! { My believes are mine } Should someone ASK me to SHARE them …great. I looked for this posting , so I could attach it to this, But couldn’t find it. I could be wrong…..But I would think that is what has those few in a up roar!, NOT YOU!!! As for the Woman that wrote that post the other nite, she was hurting, most likely scared, and just SICK of being SICK, and this { BB } is her only out-let,and her way of expressing her self, and maybe even comforting her self in the middle of the nite. I really Don’t think Even She ment to bother any of us. I for one could see pass the GOD rant…….., I said a prayer.
      The BB should be up-lifting, and supportive,helpful, as I have seen and am thankful for. This is the last place people like us with Graves, should get the lack of understanding that we get out in the would around us. I guess I Can’t speak for anyone but my self……But I really would rather have someone post here, even if it enters my comfort ZONE!, than to ACT out ON them self or someone else.
      Hoping I haven’t offended anyone, just hoping to opens eyes and calm waters. Thank you for listening, Vicki

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