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      OK Smorg, you crack me up. I think if RAI was a threat, then Oregon’s Department of Environmental Quality would have locked me in one of their sterile containers for a few days.

      After I took the cocktail, my physician pulled out a geiger (sp) counter to see how far away from me was “safe”. Kinda funny hearing the beeping sounds it(or I) was producing.

      However, my DB and I slept in separate beds (actually, he took the couch) for five days following RAI. Since the radioactive iodine leaves the body via sweat and urine, we also used separate bathrooms and I really washed/disinfected my hands after every use. The literature I received stated that, if left say on the counter, the RAI took 7 days to neutralize. Each day would cut it’s potency in half. Just to be on the “safe” side, I didn’t prepare any food either (darn!).

      I came to realize just how much contact I have with people during any given day. This revelation came just 2 days post RAI. My db stayed at arms length and I had to run from the cats all day long. My sisters avoided my like the plague. Feeling like an outcast from society was the only problem I had w/RAI though. Sure was glad when the time frame was up.


        Post count: 93172

        Thank you so much, for the variety of information you have supplied me with. I guess I do feel a little better and less nervous now. I really appreciate your taking time to write back. I have been trying to contact the people who will be administering this test to me next week , however, seeing this is still the holiday, I probably won’t be able to talk to them until Monday.
        Bobbi, can you describe a particular feeling you felt during and after your RAI Treatment. Is there some type of special diet I should Loiok out for, post RAI??
        Thanks, Moni

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