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      Kathy, Thanks for responding. I have lived in
      Boca Raton, FL for the past seven months. My
      husband’s job has required us to be fairly mobile
      and this was fourth move in five years. I have not
      been able to establish myself with a good doctor
      for any great amount of time because of the
      transfers. This has been quite frustrating with
      this disease. My current doctor monitors my blood
      levels and has increased my Synthroid to the point
      where he is satisfied that I am in the normal
      range. I still feel awful. Did you ever become
      “Hypoactive” and if so did it take a long time
      to adjust. I feel like I am bothering my doctor
      but I still don’t feel right. I wonder if it is a
      waiting game and that things will get better on
      their own or am I supposed to seek further help.
      I would like to hear your experience if you have
      the time.
      Sorry for bending your ear.

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