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      Keep the troll hair comments coming! I love it. :0) Disguising the thinning area on the crown of my head is most challenging–Shannon, any ideas? Just the other day I surfed the Net for hair thinning remedies, and I kept hitting on Rogaine. That’s scary though because I understand that onceyou start using it you can’t stop—not in an addictive sense of course but that your hair gets even worse if you quit treatments. I also ran across info on surgical hair replacement, but before I’d go to _that_ expense I would wnat to know if my hair would ever return on its own… I guess styling tips and hair care products are the best bet for now. My doctor insinuated that thinning hair is NOT usually a GD symptom–she saidthinning is a hypothyroid trait. I wonder if it’s not an autoimmune hormone thing that manifests itself differently in each case. I’m not a medicalspecialist, but my endo’s attitude of superiority gets irksome. I know now that I’m not the only GD troll hair freak at least!Chow –Ariel

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