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      Dear Belinda,
      I wish all doctors did full exams when they get new patients, but that is not the case, at least not in my area. I went to 4 different doctors, all giving me different medicines to fight sinus infections, which they thought were making my eyes bulge. I even mentioned the weakness in my leg muscles. I finally went to a good Optho who did a TSH, but it was not out of normal range. He did send me to a specialist, who did the whole range of thyroid tests, which showed Grave’s. The TSH was still very low normal (they have not discovered why), but all else were double the amounts they should have been. I have never been to a doctor, before, in my life, who ordered the whole range of blood tests as far as regular physicals go, and I have lived in Texas, Okla., and Mo.
      I really don’t feel the companies are nosing into my private life in this sense. I guess there are those who might, but then that’s what we have the laws for. I get a regular check-up from my OBGYN every year, but they don’t run blood tests regularly, either. Alot of Insurance Co.’s don’t consider paying for them, for some reason.
      Hope this helps you some.

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        A new patient gets a full examination when she sees a new family doctor to set up a health baseline(even after changing doctors). That was what happened to me as it is for many who pick good family doctors. The only thing I know is that employees are required to bring a letter from their family doctor to explain the absence from work for 3 or more days. Imagine having to tell the company doctor about sensitive health problems like AIDS, VD, or whatever… Just some thoughts.

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