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      OK I know this is going to really sound dumb….but… goes. Exactly what test results should I be concerned about? I see TSH talked about quite a bit and T-3 and T-4 levels, etc. ,,,,,,I have to say I don’t know what any of my original test results were, everybody just became fairly excited and within an hour I was taking PTU. I was told that my thyroid is so large that RAI or surgery would be out of the question until my condition stabalized. I see the endo this Tuesday and I’d like to be able to come out of that meeting a little better informed.

      thanks LT

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        Dear Linda, some docs will, at your request make sure that
        you get a copy of your tests results. It is a good idea, then you can
        track changes and ask questions etc. They are your tests… so that
        would be a good start to have them. But we have to know to ask.
        On the results it usually has a column stating what normal is for
        that given lab for that given test. It is important to only
        compare according to the lab’s standards. You need to ask the doctor
        what the tests reveal to him. Don’t be frightened, my numbers were
        awful, awful, awful. I began taking Tapazole and they have steadily
        declined. I began to feel a difference within ten days. I will find
        out soon if they are close to or approaching normal. I was tested
        again yesterday. On 11/05/96 my “free T-3 was 2,510, (two-thousand
        five hundred ten). Normal is 210 to 440. By 12/27/96 free T-3 was down to
        589 and I was only taking 10mg of Tapazole.

        I am sure the PTU is already making your scary numbers lower. Hope
        you do well with all this. There is lots of material you can read
        from NGDF on the home page and when you join and request phamplets.
        Take care. Jeannette

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          Hi Patricia,

          Sounds like you’re probably hyperthyroid. However, without the exact ranges,
          usually listed on the lab report, I have no idea what your results
          mean except that TSH is undetectable.


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            Hi Linda,

            This is the other Linda that posts occasionally. Don’t feel dumb not
            knowing what all this means. I knew very little, almost nothing about
            this disease when I was diagnosed. Start reading, this group, library
            books, web searches, etc. It all gels eventually.

            I noticed your initials at the end (LT). Interesting, same as mine.
            You must have been born in the 50’s, Linda was a very common name in
            55-57. I was born in 56 and used to have as many as 5 Linda’s in a class
            of 30 during school years.

            Linda T.

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