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      Hi everyone, I owe a lot of e-mails and because of intense migraines and frequent trips to the washroom this past week have barely looked at the computer. I’m sure my head and stomach are reacting to my upcoming decompression surgery on Wednesday. As one friend so aptly put it “Believe me I know how scary it is right now with a thousand thoughts going through your head. The mind just does not slow down with all the “bad” things that we can visualize” That has definitely been me this past few days. I know the fact that I am terrified of needles does not help either. I can already feel that IV going in!

      I got my call to go in for pre-surgery examination at 7:00 AM on Tuesday. I haven’t been up and out that early since I left work last March. I was told to allow three hours for talking to nurses, going over any medications, having lab (needles) work done and talking with the Anesthetist. Then I suppose I come home and try not to think about it until Wednesday when I go in for surgery.

      Two good things tho, our little dog is feeling much better and walking on her hind legs. We have her on Prednisone and a lot of health products. It takes much much longer to make her dinner these days than it does for her to eat it. We have our fingers crossed that with lots of rest and care she will be OK. Luckily my husband won’t be having his two girls coming out of surgery at the same time. Also, having this surgery made me get my Christmas shopping done and wrapped. Over 45 presents are sitting in the bedroom and livingroom decoratively wrapped with loving care and matching home made tags. This is something I enjoy doing when I have the time and now I can relax about that part of Christmas. Today I got half the decorating in our condo done and there are pots of fresh leaves with touches of dried Christmas berries around the house. The mantle is done and everything looks quite lovely. We even put on Christmas music to set the mood and it helped take my mind off things. We can do the tree and finish the decorating the week before Christmas IF I feel OK. Otherwise it looks quite fine thank you.

      I’m booked to stay in the hospital two to three days but am hoping to feel well enough to go home Thursday. The sooner I can get out of there the less chance they will have to give me another jab!!!

      Thanks everyone for the prayers and support I have received. I am printing them all to read Tuesday night when I know I will not sleep. So thanks again. Hope everyone has a good week. SAS

      PS – Just got another invitation call while writing this. I heard my husband say “sorry we would have loved to but S will be just out of the hospital. I am getting so sick of saying thanks, but, maybe next year – oh well I’ll start dwelling on next year as it should be fabulous after the year I have just experienced!

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