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      A comment to your post, Sweet. Many people self medicate, using OTC meds; thanks in part to advertisements, enlightened consumers, and a free enterprise system. I have warned the BB before about the dangers of OTC meds ( this includes vitamins and herbs ) for anyone who is hyperthyroid. Those metabolic ‘boosters’ (for ‘ natural ‘ weight loss) sold at the mall or through distributors can send someone who is hyper to the hospital. The sinus medicine you mentioned, and there are a LOT of different brands, have also sent a lot of people to the ER with tachycardia, palpitations, shortness of breath, chest pain and anxiety attacks. For the majority of the sinus/cold/flu products, there is a warning on the label that says ‘do not take this product if…thyroid disease…’ I know for a fact that Tylenol Cold tablets have this warning. It is best to discuss with your practitioner or pharmacist any drug you decide to take, in light of your disease and CURRENT med list. THEY are the experts. As for some ‘natural ‘ remedies…it is roulette… no government testing, research, or studies; thus, NO FDA approval.

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