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      My vision loss is actually caused by a cloudy area in my central vision.
      I have no problem with colors or peripheral vision. In fact, the dr.
      keeps telling me my vision has improved. I think I finally got it
      across to him this morning that I can read the letters, if I can see them
      through the fog.

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        Do you know what caused the cloudiness?

        Personally, I’ve lost most of my peripheral vision & I’ve been noticing
        that dark green is beginning to look like charcoal. I also can’t
        seem to move my eyes as quickly as I used to. I live in L.A. & the
        traffic can be quite hard to handle when I’m driving home in the

        Take care & I hope it gets better.

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          Kathy, I know what you mean about driving in California. I live in San Diego, and when
          my eye muscles are tight, looking up to the rearview mirror or over my shoulder
          to change lanes can be miserable! The bright sun doesn’t help, either. I really
          need two visors–one for the front winshield, one for the side window.
          I didn’t need decompression surgery, just muscle treatment. Rather than surgery,
          my opthalmologist did botox injections into the eye muscles to relax them for several
          months (which caused temporarily worsened double vision), so the opposite muscles
          could stretch the more constricted ones. After the botox wore off, I had much better
          eye muscle movement. good luck to you–drive carefully!

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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