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      Hi Jennifer, my experience with decompression was positive. I had orbital decompression on both eyes where my Ophthal went in from the sides of the eye. Of course I didn’t like the two nights in the hospital and I am terrified of needles but the results were very good. People I see now that have not seen me since the surgery can’t believe the change. I do not have the tearing or sensitivity to light that I had before. I still will have one eyelid done after my double vision is corrected. Some people do get double vision after the decompression surgery but I had it severely before so I can’t comment on that part. I was naturally terrified before the surgery, because that is me, but I can honestly say I would have it again to receive the results I got.

      My Strabismus surgery for my double vision was not so successful and a lot of people, including my Ophthal, say that is the easy one. Just remember, everyone reacts differently to treatments and surgeries but for me orbital decompression was a positive experience.

      Take care, SAS

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        From personal experience, I have had two-three wall decompressions,
        (left and right eye), and one four wall decompression or roof surgery. (left eye)
        For me, I had no after effects, no numbing, just the normal pain a few days after
        surgery and some slight bruising. If anyone is contemplating this surgery your doctor is recommendung this
        procedure for a very good reason. After getting a CAT scan or MRI your eye doctor can see changes.
        Your optic nerve is being compressed by the muscles behind your eye. Once the nerve gets compressed severely
        there is nothing they can do. That is why it is so important to have it done
        soon to free up space behind the eyes so they can prevent the antibodies from damaging
        your sight any further. Typically, doctor’s will prescribe prednisone first, radiation second
        and the sugery as the last resort. But that can all be changed too, depending how
        bad your eyes are. Also in consideration is other medical conditions you may have.
        As a diabetic for 32 years my doctors would not give me radiation.

        The whole key is early intervention.


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          Thankyou to SAS for your reply. I will be having orbital decompression in the near future and I am hoping for the best. I suppose that at this point anything is better. I look like a freak and it is very difficult to read. Basically, my lifestyle has been completely changed by this disease. I am a student and I worry that I will not be able to continue my studies after the decompression due to double vision. Any idea how difficult it might be? Sincerely, Jennifer

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