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      Hi Peggy

      Love and prayers right back at ya! You’re right we do have
      the exact opposite problems. My family is in TOTAL denial
      about my health. I appreciate your support on this one.

      If I hear one more time “aren’t you cured YET!” I think that
      I am going to scream. It’s really tough loving someone/people
      who act irresponsibly (sp) about health matters. I guess
      that I am truely a glutton for punishment because I do love
      them with all my heart.

      I pray that I just keep at them and they will come around. Even
      if it is just to shut me up! Yesterday, I put an article about
      graves in the bathroom’s magazine rack. Maybe they will read it.
      Hey, a girls gotta try!

      *hugs* Carolyn

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