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      Hello. I am new here. I read your post and I hope everything goes well with the surgery. I had decompression surgery 4 months ago after having Graves for 3 years(I think). I am thinking of doing eyelid surgery sometime soon. Well if you or anyone else has any question feel free to E-Mail me at

        Post count: 93172

        Hi everyone – thanks for all the encouraging words. It means a lot. My phone has been ringing all day today and I even had a good luck call from a friend who had flown back to Windsor Ont as her mother passed away. I feel very loved and comforted.

        I went to my pre-op examination today and the anesthetist was so nice. When I told him how terrified of needles I was he said we could omit the blood test this morning as I had certainly had enough of them. He said that he personally would see to inserting the IV tomorrow morning and I could have it wherever it felt best, in my arm or hand. I have had several bad experiences so that made me feel better. I have to be at the hospital admitting at 6 AM so we have two alarms set for 5 AM.

        What I didn’t know was that for the next two weeks I am to do NO lifting and not even to bend down to tie my shoes. I’m sure glad now I got all that wrapping done as I do it on the floor and am up and down like a yo yo – also on Sunday I was lifting boxes of decorations and on chairs reaching up into cupboards etc. Now I’m extra glad I went to that effort. When I can get back to the computer I will let you know how everything went. I honestly can’t believe the day is finally here. I have waited so long.

        Hope everyone has good things happen thru the next few days. Take care and laugh a lot. SAS

        PS Michele @ BBoss – I had two e-mails returned last week? Did you change your address?

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