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      HI, I’m 47, diagnosed in Oct 96 w/GD. Searched for Alternatives, but levels
      kept rising so on 8th day of tapizole. Actually feeling better, but still
      unpredicitable. Focusing on more raw veggies ans fruits(most of the time).
      Dr. in Santa Rosa very supportive and willing to educate his patients.
      His name is Rod Barber. I find that it is always the unknown that is
      most scary and this disease doesn’t tell us what it is going to do.
      It makes absolute sense to do all else one can to care for self.
      Watch out for some nutritional supplements, though. They may have various
      forms of iodine in them. Some studies say too much dietary iodine can foil
      remission. I had a “ROYAL RIFE” treatment, it is frequencies received
      through conductors into your body. They had specific frequecies for GD.
      Couldn’t tell me how many times I’d have to come, and though the theory
      made sense for virus or bacteria, I couldn’t get it for graves. Any way
      my level didn’t allow for fooling around. I fasted for four days and ate
      raw food for a few weeks. I quit coffee. My eyes bother me some days, but
      better the last few. The tapizole?
      I am a Marriage and family therapist with an office at my home,
      so w/ lots of naps I have been able to work. I explained to folks why I
      was rubbing my eyes etc. I am going to try to not put on the weight that
      GD took off…..I can’t wait to be able to exercise again. Thank you each
      and all for your sharing. I’m asking for a miracle and hope for one for
      each of you too. I will keep you posted if there is anything worth you reading effort.
      And, no Rosemary, you aint’ alone.

        Post count: 93172

        Jake and I would like to extend our appreciation to all of you who have posted or e-mailed us recently(and past)to let us know you are getting something from the Board. We try so hard to make it what it should be(an educational and supportive board). While most will go on to lead “normal” lives post graves, there are some who will and have remained with us due to being in that 10% group who continue to experience difficulties associated with the disease.
        We are here for you if you need us(BB,chat,phone or e-mail)! WE have been there and done that(and more)! Hanging in there, WARRIORS! There is life after Graves!

        With Much Admiration,
        JAN & JAKE< NGDF

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