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      Sorry the radiation doesn’t kill the antibodies. It only kills the thyroid cells.

      Antibodies are natural defenses usually against anything that
      is harmful to the body that is not part of the body. Infections etc.

      However in Graves disease the antibodies get mutated because of possibly
      a genetic defect that is part of being in the family one is born into.

      The antibodies are still in the body. That is why they say that
      we are prone to more autoimmune disease which the antibodies can cause.
      It is just a possibility.

      Like me for instance. My sister has addisons disease and hypothyroidism

      I have diabetes and hyperthyroidism. there is a chance I can get
      addisons disease. My father had diabetes. And I inherited the gene from
      him He from his father etc. And now that I have diabetes my siblings have
      a better chance of getting it.

      I hope this helps. Remember that you are not alone each of us are facing
      the same thing.


        Post count: 93172

        First of all, I would like to thank everyone for their speedy replys. I was told by my opthal that my eye disease has not burned itself out- yes and its been 10 years. I was hoping by having the radiation to my eyes that would happen. The radiation kills the antibidies right and that what makes it still active ,am I right in saying that? I have tried all the tips you suggested , Debby, using a large bottle of Hypo Tears in a week. When I squint the pain behind my eyes is gone, so Im hoping the radiation has helped that, but I still have the surface eye pain and at times I feel there is muscle strain to keep my eyes closed. The opthal said he did not think I should have the lid dropped as it would give me the “sleepy” look. I have had radiated iodine 3 times in a matter of 2 years for the thyroid. As long as I stay home, my eyes are not in terrible pain, but still hurt, but when I go out, say shopping, my eyes immediately become red, watery and painful, no matter how many drops I use. Before the radiation I had a scan of my eyes and he said there wasnt much muscle scaring(cant think of the right term he used) and that would help in t blood levels have been fine, having them checked every 6 months. The only reason I had the radiation was because I started to have double vision when looking to my extreme sides. Im not very good at expressing myself so hope you can understand what Im trying to relay. I have learned so much from the bb, its till a complicated disease. My thanks to all.

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