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      Diffuse nontoxic goiter, or more commonly called colloid nodular goiter or endemic goiter, was an extremely common problem before Iodized salt came around. There are several reasons for endemic goiters, but what it is- An endemic goiter occurs when the thyroid gland is unable to meet the metabolic demands of the body through sufficient hormone production. The thyroid gland compensates by enlarging which usually overcomes mild deficiencies of thyroid hormone. Endemic goiters are usually caused by inadequate dietary iodine (iodine in diet) and occur in certain geographical areas with iodine depleted soil, usually areas away from the sea coast. In the U.S., the Great Lakes, Midwest, and Intermountain regions are known as the “goiter belt”. The use of iodized table salt prevents this deficiency. The incidence of iodine deficiency is now rare in the U.S. as a result of widespread distribution of foods from iodine sufficient areas. Risk factors are being a female, over 40 years old, having an inadequate dietary intake of iodine, residence in an endemic area, and a family history of goiters. Endemic goiter is basically caused by the “super stimulation” of the gland by TSH, because the body senses that the gland isn’t producing enough hormone. This causes inflamation and usually the cells grow in an attemp to produce more hormone. Remember, this is how the gland increases production- it “grows” more cells.
      Endemic goiter can also be from the (1) inability of stomach or thyroid to take up iodine; (2) lack of peroxidase (a component in the formation of T4) to link iodine to tyrosine (required for creation of T4); (3) inability to recycle iodine in the thyroid gland; (4) inability to crunch two iodotyrosine cultures (created from #2 above)together to make T4. This type of goiter does not exibit hyperthyroid symptoms. When it does, it becomes a form of toxic goiter. Nontoxic means that basically you can’t tell there is a problem because there are no real noticable symptoms (other than goiter).

      Hope this helps.


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