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      Was wondering if anyone going to the conference would mind if I e-maied them with a favor,oh heck I’ll ask it right here—-was wondering if anyone who is going would mind if I asked them to bring me back any flyers or information the speakers might hand out to everyone,you know like if you pick one up for yourself then add or pick one up for little warrior too from Canada,would that be bold asking someone to do this? It’s just that I know I would never get to one being from Canada,and want the new information so badly that I FEEL I’M BEING BOLD HERE.I would be more then happy to pay for the postage and handling of it,e-mail me if you wouldn’t mind and e-mail me Jan if I’m being too too bold.thanks everyone little warrior BARB My address is below and thanks again BB friends true friends for sure—*hugs many hugs*for everyone!!!!!
      Barb Stewart
      928 TERRACE RD Peterborough,

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        I will try to bring you what I can Barb.
        I live in Toronto and we are goint to Conference.
        we are going to take a couple extra days and see Louisville as well.
        It is my Birthday on the 3rd so it is sort of
        a Birthday Bash as well.
        Feel free to e-mail me
        LynnthePB from Toronto

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          Hi, Michelle!

          Ohhh, I’m getting jealous. Sure wish I was going to the conference to
          meet you and other BB friends! It’d also be fun to swap some good
          laughs with Jake, Jan, and Nancy again.

          As for the conference, whatever type of clothing you choose is suitable.
          It tends to be informal, and being you’re sitting through meetings and
          meals a good part of the day you’ll want to wear comfortable clothes.
          I wouldn’t recommend sweats <grin>, but jeans and shorts are fine. If
          you choose to be more dressed up you may do that, also. The hotel will
          be air-conditioned, so you may want to dress a little warmer or bring
          along a sweater or sweatshirt. (Of course, if you’re always hot, then…
          I’ll say no more. LOL) The Friday night banquet is more formal. Last
          year many people wore dresses and suits/nice shirt and pants; others
          wore jeans and didn’t look out of place. Think *comfort* and you’ll
          be fine.

          I would also recommend bringing along:
          * personal info about Graves’ treatments/meds – you may want them to
          refer to when asking questions
          * a notebook to take notes in and pens/pencils
          * questions that you want answered from the speakers
          * an open mind – it’ll get filled with more info than you imagined
          * your camera :)
          * your meds and/or lubricants – for obvious reasons

          As part of your conference fee, you will be getting a notebook full of
          info regarding the goals, schedules, conference attendees and
          addresses/phone no./email, the speakers and sponsors, support group
          listings, Graves’ disease, and more. Most of the speakers will also
          have literature of their own to share. It should be a weekend you’ll
          never forget!

          Wishing you a safe and enjoyable trip! Debby

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            wish i could be there
            but my life is about to change
            very quickly with a new challenge
            fore i am opening a foster home for kids
            next week, ive been out of work a long time
            because of graves disease and now
            that im better i have been given
            these 4 kids as a present so i
            hope i can pull this off i know
            i dont have the power i had before
            graves i feel this may be the medicine
            to my recovery your prayers please on
            this giant step i am about to face
            wish i could be at the conference

            love, steve

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