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      Hi Trish! I did some checking and you’re right – there is no address listed on the application page. For others who haven’t found it, send your application to:

      National Graves’ Disease Foundation
      2 Tsitsi Court
      Brevard, NC 28712-9263
      (704) 877-5251

      With your new membership you get a newletter (approximately 8 pages long) and your choice of six free bulletins, which are very informative and range in subjects from eye problems to questions about meds.

      Happy Holidays! Debby

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        Hi-just found this board-new to internet & stuff. Had RAI six years ago and
        am now having eye thing-just recommended for radiation–also experiencing
        arthritis in my foot-sure it is connected although drs deny it. I am
        interested in newsletter-foundation-etc. I’m 47 year old married woman with
        three boys–need both my sight and walking ability!!! One eye is bigger
        than the other but after ct-no optic nerve problems-just swelling/bulging
        dryness/horrendous night vision. Thanks for listening–Denny

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