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      BETTY if you are still up..and I hope you have gone to bed…best wishes for a perfect surgery.

      THERESA…thank you for your hopeful sharing of your experience

      ANNELISE…have you explored other options? Are anti-thyroid drugs an option for you?

      SUE K…thank you for the acknowledgement. Listen to Bruce..go to the eye doc.

      PAM …wow..yikes..3x RAI and heavy doses too. Carpenters call that the “hit it with a bigger hammer theory.” I wonder if you would respond to anti-thyroid drugs?

      ELIZABETH…you seem to be on the right track..going methodically on the outside while you freak out on the inside. Who was it that told you to read read read…listen to them. Waiting a month for treatment isn’t the best idea. You have to read fast…because ideally you should get treated as soon as possible…

      One of the things that was said to me when I was so undecided about which treatment was for me ( I don’t want any of them…she whimpered)
      that helped me decide…was from a lady who has been on very small doses of anti-thyroids for years ( about 7-8 yrs) She said, you can’t think that well when you are hyper, if you took the drugs and got to an euthyroid level ( even people who don’t go and stay in remission usually go euthyroid within a few months) then you could think clearly about things. Her theory is that perhaps treatments will improve and she is saving her thyroid til then. It does make a difference to have those hormone levels brought down to where you can recognize your own mind.
      You are protected against the hyper dangers ( monitored for any drug dangers) and possibly getting some antibody reduction from the immune supressing effects of the drugs. Your eyes may be somewhat safer.

      Hey sorry to share this commonality with you new folks…but hoping the best for each of you. Jeannette

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        Hi all. I’m new to the internet and therefore this GD board. I was diagnosed with Graves on Valentines Day, 1997. I had been experiencing symptoms since late 1994, however. By the time I was diagnosed, I’d lost half the hair on my head, suffered with horrendous headaches, alienated my family and just generally lost the will to wake up everyday. I’ve been on a combination of Tapazole and Synthroid for the last 9 months but recently my Synthroid has been raised from .05 to .075 to now .1 just within the last 3 months. Is this unusual? Anyone know anything about this? I’ve read through a lot of the messages on the board and I have to say that I think you people are GREAT! :-) I hope to hear from someone! Best wishes, Kass

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          Dear Kassandra…I am so glad you are being treated!! I don’t think what you are experienceing is unusual..possibly two things are happening.
          The Tapazole does effectly block the thyroid and perhaps by now you are not dealing with all the stored hormone that had been made in you. So your need for thyroid increases. Thus far in my treatment my doc has simply reduced Tapazole. But the method you are on is also a good protocol.

          The other possibility is that having been hyper so long, your thyroid is getting tired and not able to respond, even to the anti-body stimulation. So..your body’s need for thyroid is needing greater supplementation.

          Hang in there…hope that the info and friends on the board here are a boon to you. We don’t always get it all straight, but we try and we are all learning.

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            I’ve been reading the posts on this board for a month and have learned a lot. After a quick unplaaned trip to the emergency room of our local hospital for a fast irregular heart and seizure like tremors i was tested for thyroid disease among other things. I was put on lopressor which didn’t work and then later put on propranolol which did.
            I was diagnosed with Graves at the Mayo Clinic in September and had RAI immediately.I was also suffering from muscle atrophy and restlessness etc. My endocrinologist upped my dose of propranolol to get me through the swings of the thyroid and then slowly weaned me down. I went off it 2 weeks ago but now find my heart back up over 100.
            Next week i go in for my first re-check. I’m to be tested for free T3, TSI, and glycosylated hemoglobin. These i understand. But does anyone know why i’m being tested for magnesium & potassium?
            Thanks, Ginny

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