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      Hi, Kelly, and welcome to the board.

      While there have been a small percentage of cases recorded in which Graves’ has gone into remission all on its own, there is also, in the history of the disease, a whopping 50% or so mortality rate (prior to the development of the current treatments). This is not a disease that you want to ignore in hopes that it will go away.

      Each of the three treatment options is relatively safe. Each have pros and cons. Some work better than others, potentially, given specific medical considerations. The best thing you can do for yourself is to listen to what your doctor has to say about your own, specific, medical situation, and then, if offered a choice of treatments, choose the one with which YOU are most comfortable. But be sure that you understand the treatment — there are some links through the National Graves’ Disease Foundation, that can give you good information about each of the three choices. And since pregnancy may be an issue, you may want to discuss the various options with your doctor in light of pregnancy concerns.

      I wish you luck, and if you have any specific questions, please feel free to email me. Just be sure that “Graves'” is somewhere in the subject title so that I’ll be sure to open the mail and read it. ; )

      Bobbi –(

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        Tom, thank you for that thoughtful and insightful reply! The laser treatment
        is quite intriquing, but I suppose the lack of interest stems from the fact
        that it is many years away from directly effecting our lives. For example, I need
        help and support today, and need information regarding current treatment
        options. But, please, keep us informed on any new developments. GD is a
        genetic condition, so this may effect my children some day.

        You’re right about keeping everything in perspective. I filled my PTU scrip
        today, and will probably begin tomorrow. My eyes have become quite sensitive
        to light and seem more irritated than ever. That is a risk I really don’t
        want to take. We’ll see how things go and hopefully I can avoid RAI. My
        real concerns have to do with having a baby following treatment. My endocron
        seems to feel that no pregnancy is completely safe following any of these
        treatments. She sees a significant chance of my GD flaring up with a pregnancy
        and then the only option is a 2nd trimester thyroidectomy. With two healthy
        children already, I’m beginning to think #3 is simply not an option. That is
        hard to accept. But I guess I will count my blessings.

        Thanks again for responding to my post, and for “listening” to my story.


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