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      Thanks for the words of encouragement and advice. Yes, I will definitely buy that book. I work in the medical field so the clinical aspect of this disease wasn’t too hard to understand, but I never thought that the emotional part was. When I checked my own TSH and FT4 levels last week and saw that they were normal, I became very confused. I was feeling very crappy, but they were within range. That was when the frustration kicked in. My endo re-checked them again, and then put me back on PTU. I went from a 6.50 TSH to a 1.11 within a month!
      Right now I have been getting sore throats and eye infections frequently that my doctor wants to check my WBC. If they’re low, he said that I will have to get admitted to the hospital. I’m hoping that won’t happen.
      Despite all that, I do believe that things will get better. Thank you for believing that I can get past this. God bless you. Hope you have a wonderful day.

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