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      Well tomorrow at 9 AM is the long awaited Doctors appointments with my Endo and Ophthalmologist. Now the time has come I’m nervous. Firstly my eye has been quite bad and I was told to come in earlier if it was bothering me but because my Ophtho was away and I would have to see someone else I didn’t do that. Now, maybe I will get in trouble. Secondly, we are supposed to discuss the decompression operation tomorrow and if he actually sets a date I will be a walking zombie until that date. I also have to tell my Endo I have been having numbness in my toes and down my right leg. Been holding off on that as I’m not up to an amputation! I also have to tell him about waking up in the moring with my teeth clenched and my jaw killing me. I’m not up to having all my teeth pulled either!!

      You see how the mind works as d-day approaches. I’m certainly not living the way I prescribe taking one day at a time. Well wish me luck. I hate hate hate this disease!!

      Now I guess I tell myself to keep smiling eh – SAS

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