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    Thanks for responding. I am eagerly awaiting my referral to the Endo.
    The doctor’s office has put in for the ok with the HMO so it shouldn’t
    be too long now (I have been waiting for the doctor’s ok for almost a
    year, so a couple more weeks shouldn’t hurt??)
    Anyway, as you commented, my TSH labs came back 4.1 two months when I
    on .15mg Synthroid and since I was very tired, dry skin … we started
    .175mg Synthroid and after 6 weeks TSH was 1.8 but I am still very tired
    and hair is falling out more. I read in a book from the Thyroid Found.
    of America that few people go above .15mg so I am wondering if I am the
    only one have trouble adusting. I also have headaches most everyday,
    don’t know if it is thyroid, synthroid or from swelling in my eyes and
    By the way, I think my E-mail is , I don’t use the
    computer nearly as much as my husband and am still learning.

    Thanks again for taking the time. Julie

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    Hi, I’m new to internet too Nancy, but have been on Syn. since April 96.
    I am having trouble getting correct dose too, but find .150 not quite enough
    and Dr. says I’m stuck with that dose for 2 months. I do find it hard to convince
    Dr. I know how I feel bette than he does, he’s stuck on bloodtests, but doesn’t want to do them often enough to track TSh and T4
    until I gripe about how I feel. So gripe! So far, every time I have he has had to adjust dosage up. Beding hypo is no more fun than being hyper.

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    Hi, In the book which I mentioned in my earlier post, it talks about
    when the focus is T4 levels in the blood, maybe that T4 gets converted
    to T3 (which is 4 times more active that T4 )or it might get converted
    to RT3 which is totally inactive. Apparently some people can be
    treated with T4 and actually get worse, or get better for a few months
    and then get worse. This doc likens trying to eliminate your symptoms
    using only your blood tests like trying to write your name from
    three feet away with a floppy pencil. The book has about an 80 page
    discussion of the principles of management. I am going to take it to
    my endo. He has thanked me for other references, the ones that
    Ramona gave me on this BB. So, anyway, hope it helps. Jeannette

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