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      Thanks for your response. Just needed to vent a little, because I had such high hopes, as you know. Tonight the TV is off, so that is going also. I really thought it would last a little longer, and be alittle better. Guess I expected too much, too fast. I must continue to remember that this disease requires ao very much patience. I live alone and it’s just hard, so please forgive me for needing some support. You are a dear, and I have been reading this bb for some time….posting only occasionally. Really missed it, while it was down. The Ophthal said that my muscles were really, really stiff. I wonder if the Radiation ot the muscles last year may have caused it to be worse? Who knows, but at the time, they were afraid I would lose my eyesight, so there really wasn’t a choice. Thanks again, and keep me posted about your progreess. Shirley

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        Hi Shirley,
        Please, there is no need to ask for forgiveness for needing some support. That is what this board is all about. There are times people here saved me from going crazy when I didn’t really know what was going on. People that had been through what I was going to go through. Some have become wonderful friends and we still correspond and sometimes don’t even talk about Graves.

        I had the ten radiation treatments too. My Ophthal also said that my muscles were very tight and I had a lot of scar tissue. Everyone’s symptoms seem a little different and we all react a bit differently to the surgeries. We are all different ages and have different bodies, previous illnesses etc. but we all have Graves and we can all help each other when it comes to support.

        What a night to have no TV – just when you want to take your mind off your eyes. You have probably gone to bed as it is nearly 10:30 PM here and I live on the West coast.

        Hope tomorrow is a better day – come to think of it – be positive and it will be.

        Keep in touch and keep smiling, SAS

        PS – Have you gone to any of the links and homepages from the BB. You should read Debby Jass story. She has gone the whole route with her eyes and tells about it very well. She has always give me a lot of wonderful support and encouragement that things can and will get better. (Thanks Debby!!)

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