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      Hi to all. I have just a few thoughts on remission if I could share them. This was a big subject when I was deciding two years ago if I should have the RAI or try the drugs for awhile and hope for a remission. I got four, yes 4, opinons from different doctors and they all said that only a small number of people stay in remission for more than a couple of years. After a couple of years most people find themselves back to having all the graves symptoms again. That was pretty discouraging to me and I found this board and put the question out there. I have to say that most of the “old timers” said the remissions didn’t last. I opted for the RAI and while it took me a whole year to get my thyroid replacement medicine regulated, I have been fine for the past year now and really feel that I made the best decision for me. Now please understand that I am not trying to burst any bubbles here and I know that each individual has to make the best decision that’s right for them. I’m just letting you know that my reserch showed that most remissions just aren’t life long. I’m almost 50 so that was one of the reasons I chose RAI. I figured that I didn’t want to be dealing with graves symptoms again and all the descisions that go with it a few years down the road where age may bring other health problems my way if I came out of remission. So I guess there’s just alot to be considered. Hope all goes well for you all. Trish

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