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      Went to Endro again yesterday. One of the most depressing things about GD and thyroid disease is all the Doctors appointments and all the waiting in their offices!! I know I have at least an hours wait for my endro and eye specialist who are in the same office. I am on hourly salary so the waiting really hurts!!
      Apparently I now need a second RAI treatment. I am not happy about this as I seem to spend so much time in hospitals these days. They also want to do radiation treatments (about 10) at the cancer clinic. I had several visits there for a couple of biopsies in August/Sept for breast cancer. Luckily after 67 worrying days I got good results on that. Now here I go again.
      I said if possible I would like a break until after Christmas. I was told to get Duolube for my eyes at night. I got it today. Has anyone tried it??? If it helps and I can put up with my eye the way it is I can wait until January. I had one eye operated on about 8 years ago and he will do the one that is so bad now after the swelling goes down – when that will be I wish I knew. After about five years remission I thought I was finished. No such luck.
      From all my visits to the hospital these past months I do realize it could be much much worse and am trying to live on the more positive side of life one day at a time. SAS

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