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    Morning all,

    Thanks for all the nice posts yesterday. They cheered me up. I think part
    of the problem might have been I have been forgeting my Paxel accidently
    on purpose. I guess I can’t do that to often. Now here are some more links:

    Both will be added as links to the National Graves Disease home page. It will
    be on line soon promise. All of us support group leaders across the USA
    will be on a teleconference this Saturday. We will have all the support
    groups listed in the home page, their meeting locations, names and phone
    numbers. You will be able to look under support groups and find the one
    closest to you and give them a call. The Chat room is operational but we
    are getting the registration form on line for you to get your password.
    As I said download the mIRC files to get ready. Look at Annette’s post
    on the files and how to get them. We are shooting for the first online
    meeting later this month.

    Talk to you all soon. By the way I have asked for copies of all my eye
    pictures from my doctor in Miami. I will get them to Diane for her “EYE”
    page. They will show all aspects of the disease. I think my personnel
    favorite is the Marty Fieldman look. You know one eye looking for ground
    hogs and the other for sparrows. This way you will be able to see how bad
    they were and how they look normal now. Gives hope to the masses. I know
    the hospital at Miami uses them a lot. Talk to you all soon.

    Jake :-)

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