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      Wow Luci, that was great! The question of difficulty losing weight seems to pop up very frequently, and so has the question of Phen-fen, but I haven’t read any better discussion on the matter than you just gave.

      Since muscle atrophy is one common consequence of being hyperthyroid, it makes sense that metabolism would be affected also. I too am getting back to the gym, a total wimp compared to my former self. I remember before I knew I had GD, taking a hike with friends and not trusting my body to climb up a couple of rocks. . .and wondering if it was age creeping up on me. . .I remember a bicycle ride that I couldn’t make it up a hill I could always ride, and thinking I’d just eaten wrong or something. . . until recently, it had been ten months since I even TRIED any of that. It will be interesting to get back into shape and see if the metabolism still seems off.

      The response from an endo that “it’s just one of those common unpleasant side effects” is NOT acceptable in my book. What’s happening and why? Is it metabolic, and if so, what is different than for a person with a normal thyroid, and what can we do to correct that? If they don’t know, why aren’t they finding out? My endo thinks most of my weight gain of 10+ pounds is from decreased exercise, not mostly from being hypo. I’ll tackle it from that angle, and report back! Keep us informed what you find out, Luci. (Is it warm in Texas?)

      Dianne N

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