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      Trapezoid??? Do you mean Tapazole or is this a new one? I like the name
      Trapezoid better! My mom’s on a water pill called Bumex, the nurses
      called it boom, boom! A fitting name for what it does.

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        I have been getting Migraines…very bad…again plus leg cramps in my right leg like
        I have never gooten before..I screamed it hurt so much…the migraines
        cause me to loose my speech and feeling in my right hands and tongue so i get
        very nervous about this even though I know it’s just a migrain…and the meds will help take
        it away…but my question to all the wonderful people who have been so helpful is this…am i getting too much medication now…i am on
        40mg of trapazoid now and i am beginning to feel weird…i am changing endos and don’t have a new
        one until uly 1st…my other one interrrupted me so much and chewed his staff out so much during
        my visit that i finally said forget …i never get my questions answered and ahe laughs that taking meds is the wrong route and that soon I will take RAI
        just like all his other patientrs…maybe so but I need to know the cons to RAI rather than this song and dance about how he will take care of everything!!!
        I am venting today because I have had two migraines bsack to back that have really turned me into a nut case…anyway any one else out there
        with this migraine problem too???
        yes..i have the dirty nail thing too…I just figured I was getting careless because I had so much going on…

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          went to my new endo today well
          my blood is in normal range at the
          moment she said that because im on
          a low dose of levothyroxine 25mg
          she would like me to get off the meds
          for a month to see what happens.
          Is this safe?

          my old endo says take the meds, and stop taking
          meds on saturdays and sundays.

          What do i do here should i listen to my
          new endo are listen to the old.

          would like your help please

          thank you,


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            Dear Steve, Which one of the doctors is your doctor? Listen to and interact with your doctor.
            Try not to transfer the sense of being poorly taken care of from your previous experiences to the new folks.
            Help them to help you by giving them a chance, that means following their directions even if only on a limited trial basis.
            Best to you. Jeannette

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              How are you feeling? Do you feel basically “normal”? Or are you still feeling weak, headaches, all the fun stuff?

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