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      I know what you mean about your mother. I’m going through the same thing with my boyfriend. He wants it to be like a cold where you “just get over it.” Recently, I wrote a long letter and had him read it. It was to my family ad was about how I was feeling and how I felt my boyfriend was handling things (which was badly). It was a real wake up call for him. The problem was that I would tell him things and he would say something in response that made no sense, so it was obvious that he either didn’t understand or wasn’t listening. But by reading it, he seemed to understand better what I was going through and more important, I guess, was how I felt he was handling the situation. There was an instant turn around. He became more patient, understanding, and more constructive in his advice. He’s taking the day off work tomorrow to bring me to the specialist. He’s NEVER come to the doctor’s with me, so this is a great improvement. Maybe putting something in writing for your Mom might help.

        Post count: 93172

        A very good friend of mine without internet access asked me to post a
        message for her. She was recently diagnosed with a thyroid problem and
        her doctor at Kaiser (Maui, HI) recommended the radioactive iodine
        treatment. She is very concerned; doesn’t want to do it and wonders
        if there is any alternative. Her name is Pam. She would appreciate
        any help.

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