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      Hi Rachel

      Thanks for the response. Yesterday was the big day and let me tell you
      it’s been strange since then.
      I guess I didn’t expect anything more than how I felt when I had the
      scan a few months ago. Boy was I wrong!!!
      I kept saying I didn’t feel sick and figured I would before they were
      done with me .. well they’ve achieved their goal I think.
      Yesterday was a horrible day, they gave me 15 something grams (I forget the
      word) and let me tell you, knocked the wind right out of my sails. I
      still have an upset stomach but not as bad as yesterday and am extremely
      tired. Wonder what tomorrow will bring. I was in bed before 8 last
      nite after several crying jags.
      Yup, this is a whole bunch of fun. Think I’d have rather kept the Graves
      disease :(
      Anywho, now I know what you meant about it getting worse before it gets

      Please stay in touch, this group has offered me so much information and
      support. I’m so glad you’re all there and am anxiously awaiting the
      chat room.

      Thanks again.


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