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      My thoughts are with you both. It is not fun but it does get better. Look
      at it this way you get the whole bed and couch to yourself for a few days.
      I went through my skin peeling like a sun burn a few weeks after the atomic
      cocktail. I think I peeled about four or five times. You will end up with
      baby soft skin for awhile. I did not have any hair loss since I only had
      13 milicuries. Keep up the blood tests to see where you are at. Nancy and
      I are going to try the CHAT room tonight to see how it works and get trained
      on how to use the system prior to going on-line to the world. I will let you
      all (there’s that southern “you all “again)know how it worked out. If the bugs
      are out of the system we may try and get on-line as early as the next few weeks.


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        Hiya Joann!! I’ve been so busy lately I couldn’t get near my
        computer. Had a lot of catching up to do. I hope you are
        feeling better. You are in my thoughts and prayers :>:>
        Keep in touch…

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          Hi Rachel! It amazes me how differently everyone is affected by Graves. Your sleepless nights, hot/cold flashes, the emotional rollercoaster, etc., are pretty foreign to me. Yes, I’ve had my bouts, but they never last very long. Except for my eyes, Graves’ hasn’t changed my life that dramatically. I take Synthroid daily, but I never notice a physical change before or after taking the pill. I can even skip a day and feel the same. The way I understand it is that the drug has an accumulative effect, so if I forget a day I just take two pills the next. I go in for a blood test at the end of the month to see if my dosage is correctly adjusted, something I recommend everyone doing. I would bet that you will undergo minor adjustments in your dosage levels before your doctors find the correct one for you.

          The positive attitude comes with a lot of work and patience. I guess I have to credit my students for helping me in this area. I teach Learning Disabled students, both at the elementary and high school levels. To watch them struggle every day just to learn how to read and write makes me appreciate just how good I have it – Graves’ or not. In my class we praise every effort and celebrate the little successes, as well as the big ones. Each day brings new struggles and new victories. We learn to take pride in what we CAN do, and just work a little harder on what we can’t. We laugh, cry, and learn from each other.

          Another sanity stabilizer for me is living in the country. Brent and I live on a farm in southwestern Minnesota. It’s peaceful, quiet, spacious, and nearly heaven, in our opinion. We don’t have children at this point, and (beyond the busy schedule of school) have a relatively stress-free life. I just have to watch how much time I spend with my hobbies, i.e. the internet!

          When my eyes were at their worst, my life was at its worst. As my condition has improved, my outlook on life has improved. I can’t guarantee you instant relief or days without pain, but there will be better times ahead. Take one day at a time and make the most of it.

          Wishing you happiness and energy,

          Debby :)

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            Hi! Glad to hear you were pleased with your new endo. I still think
            a female doctor is the way to go with this disease. I never in my life
            would have thought my preference would have been a female but now I know.
            Maybe not for everything but definately for things involving emotions.
            I think they can relate better.

            Hope your bloodwork comes back OK. I hate going for those tests! I’m
            black and blue for a week afterwards and I have descent veins! I know
            what you’re saying about it being difficult for you with your veins, my
            sisters’ collapse when they try to draw blood, the end up taking it out
            of her foot! Now that’s not fun!

            I can’t wait for the chat room! This group has been such a life saver.
            I hunger for the knowledge I get from here.

            Please stay in touch and let me know how you make out, I care.

            Feel free to E-mail me.


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