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      Hi Joann! Thanks for thinking of me…Sorry to hear things are rough for you, too… I’ve been wondering how you’ve been doing… Yes, I saw my endo yesterday and what a wonderful woman. I’m now totally off the beta blocker ( inderal or propanolol…same thing ), so that’s a step. My blood pressure is very high which is worrisome. I had not taken any ativan yesterday, but did take a dose the night before for sleep, which worked. I’m a wreck without some sleep. My endo put me back on ativan 2-3 times a day until I see my new doctor next week and then we’ll start to taper down again. I had labs drawn again (despite the fact I have no easy veins to hit, so it’s always traumatic for me), but we’re checking the T4, estridiol levels, and FSH, to see where I’m at with the bouncing hormones in both departments. I won’t get those results until next week. The endo told me to stay on the trazodone which is primarily for sleep but is an antidepressant, too. And the dose of the levoxyl stays at 0.1mg per day. I also plan to seek out a counselor with a background in chronic medical illness, hopefully one knowlegable about hormonal diseases. This was the first physician I’ve dealt with who sincerely expressed compassion and hope . I loved her gentle humaneness. I’ll see her again in November. I’m still not sure about returning to work yet, as I’m coping so poorly. She tells me not to rush it and to let go of that issue for now…(not easy…I feel pressure that I may lose this job if I don’t get back there soon) . I don’t want to take the ativan, but I must for now…I was so miserable off it those few days.
      You, Debbie, Kathy and Dianne and Jake…all of you have been a God send. By the way, I learned of another agency, The Thyroid Society for Education and Research, 7515 South Main St., Ste. 545, Houston, Texas 77030…just FYI… Now, on to one of my favorite subjects…my dogs. I raise pomeranians and have Punk, the male, Patches, the female…and my favorite, Mr. Little, and most recently arrived, a puppy born in my car named Audi appropriately. I know what you mean about thoses eyes that know when you’re feeling low. I often thank God for the gift of these precious animals, and the fact that they are alright makes everything else seem alrightish too. I need to work on getting set up for the chat room so until next time…Be gentle with yourself and I will try to do the same.
      Love and best wishes to you all…Rachel

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        Joann how are you?? I’ve been thinking about you, wondering how things
        are going!! Please drop me a line and let me know!! :>:>


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