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      Dear Debbie…Wise woman words, indeed. I really can’t tell you how much I appreciate you right now. I feel alittle better due to the fact I finally got some sleep!!! Yes, 4 glourious hours this afternoon made a big difference. I greeted Ernie with a smile, cooked dinner and didn’t cry or complain once. The ativan really put me out. My appetite came back, too. So, I intend to sleep tonight and face tomorrow with the endo in decent shape. I, too, live in a rural area in Northern California, in a place called Blue Lake. Redwood country…God’s country. Does it snow alot in Minnisota? Of course it does? How do you like that part of it? Jake called me today…What a sweer man…I need to get set up fro this chat room business. If you figure it out before me, Deddie, clue me in. Thanks again for the uplifting words…I hope to do the same for others some day SOON…Till next time..God Bless You.

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