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      thanks bobbi

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        ….PLEASE stand up!!

        Now I’m really confused! Never mind. I’ll use the board.

        As an “oldtimer”, and I really hate using that word even if you DID clarify your meaning, I wrote to tell you that I didn’t think anybody here could tell you where your symptoms are coming from. (All that for THAT stupid message, eh?) My feeling, like yours I think, is that if it resembles the symptoms we’ve had while the hormones are out-of-whack, it must have SOMETHING to do with the whole thing. But it might not, too. The human body is nothing if not complex. But I also have a GUESS about “reaching normal”. And that is that it won’t magically make us feel completely well again. Some of us have been ill with this thing for quite a while, and as a result, some of the symptoms may persist for a bit after we reach normal levels. Take the muscle strength issue, for example. If we were hyper long enough to lose muscle MASS, then getting back to normal levels of hormone isn’t going to immediately give us back the strength we’ve lost. We may continue to feel weak until we’ve built them back up. Since the heart may have spent long months beating too fast, we may have to build up slowly with an exercise program. A lot of it may depend upon just how long our body has been out of whack. Others of the symptoms may take a while to settle down, as well. One of my (several) doctors told me that she has observed that it takes a few months at normal levels of hormone, before patients FEEL completely normal again. If she’s right, then it takes a bit of time for all those familiar symptoms to go away, and we have to view the whole thing in terms of progress rather than absolutes.

        I’m really glad to hear you’ve gotten back some normal results on your bloodwork, and I hope you are feeling better soon, too.


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