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      Speaking of MEMORY help…remember that if you are taking some herb or ‘natural” remedy it is going to work based on its natureal chemical properties and if you are hyperthyroid or on chemical medications already then you may be altering that all that is already going on in you. Establish a relationship with an astute pharmacist or physician and check out things before you experiment on yourself.

      Ron…how much have you checked this out…these dosages of whatevers you are recommending? Remember that many folks coming on this board
      are just beginning to learn about the dynamics of what is going on in their bodies. However, when we are struggling and confused from the multiple effects of the old extra thyroid hormone, we may be more vulnerable to any suggestions of “what will help”. People wanted to help me when I got diagnosed, and some of the “natural” suggestions could have thrown me into a thryoid storm. Now, I am very appreciative of the plant kingdom and prefer natural derivatives to synthetics any day, but do be careful. Don’t mean to be a pot of cold water…just a word of caution.

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