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      OK Bev,

      The natural replacement is sold under a few different names depending on where in the world you live. It is a desicated animal thyroid. Usually pig now but many animals have been used over the years.

      The synthetic is Synthroid or Levothroid for brand names and levothyroxin for generic. It is the same as the T4 hormone that your body produces only made in the lab. It does not have any T3 in it.

      It is the same chemical make us as the natural and so technically can also be called natural.

      Clear as mud??? Ask your doctor or Druggest.

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        My endo recently increased my synthroid from .2 to .225 and
        within 4-5 days, I began to feel anxious like when I was
        before I got the “cure”, (rai) two times.My endo stated
        that my level was low and even though I felt fine, He
        insisted on increasing my dose. I have had chest pain,rapid
        heart,shortness of breath and general weakness. I told him
        that on two occasions over the past three weeks. I finally
        ended up in the e.r. today. My doctor now believes me and
        told me to not take any meds for two days and to go back to my normal dose on Monday. I think it is a damn shame that my endo is
        totally unsympathetic and that he is apparently unable to
        listen to me. I’m from a small town with limited medical
        resources.There are only two endo’s in my area and they are
        partners. This goes to show you that you have to stick up
        for yourself alot with this disease and sometimes you are
        your own best doctor.

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