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      Wow – I was sitting at my computer working on making computer birthday cards and have the TV on. As the World Turns, a soap is on. Tom and Emily were discussing a person who worked at their paper who always had something wrong with him. Emily says, what was it today? and Tom says GRAVES disease and Emily laughs and says oh yeh problems with his thyroid or something.

      I thought that was pretty incredible as I suspect someone has asked them to mention the disease in their script – why would they pick Graves? I wasn’t even really watching but the word sure got my attention.

      Have a good evening all. SAS

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        Morning sas and all,
        Looks like EDUCATION is a happening thing, huh? Word is starting to filter down through the channels that graves disease is out there.
        Thank God for small favors! And you all have been a big part of helping out with this education. You should give yourselves a big hand for having the courage to face your disease and help educate others.
        I applaud you!!!!!

        BIG HUGS,
        JAN ps. Jake and I both know we answer very briefly most times, due to the amount of mail and posts
        that we answer daily.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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